A&B Solution: concentrated Liquid Fertilizer Japanese High Quality

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A&B Solution: concentrated Liquid Fertilizer Japanese High Quality

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50% off ! A&B Solution: concentrated Liquid Fertilizer Japanese High Quality(1 L)

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ARIANETECH offers Japanese High Quality A&B Solution: concentrated Liquid Fertilizer, originally from Japan, perfect for hydroponics cultivation. Grow healthier crops with us!

Free 200ml measuring cup !

* Instruction to use: 

Dilute mixture of A & B 100 times (around EC 2.4) For example: 
> 10 ml (Solution A) + 10 ml (Solution B) + 1 liters of water
> 1L (Solution A) + 1L (Solution B) + 100L of water



High quality liquid fertilizer, originally from Japan.

Ideal balance of growing nutrients needed for a healthy, vibrant leafy crop, including TN, NO3-N, NH4-N,P2O5, K2O, Mg, Ca, Mn, B, Fe, CU, Zn, Mo. This specially formulated hydroponics fertilizer is tailored to grow leafy greens.

Your first choice to grow hydroponics leafy vegetables like lettuce, komatsuna, mizuna, spanich,kale and so on.

Solutions A & B are 100 times concentrated based on EC 2.4.  Hence, should be diluted 1:100 with clean water before feeding the plants.

Contact us if you're looking for fertilizer formulated for growing fruits like tomatoes or strawberry.

Whilst the above dilution rate can be used as a thumb rule, it is always better to use a Conductivity (EC) meter.

You can adjust the EC level to 1.8~2.4 mS/cm for leafy plants. 

Japanese concentrated Liquid Fertilizer

200 ml measuring cup

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