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Arianetech Launches 5th Generation Commercial LED Grow Lights

Arianetech Launches 5th Generation Commercial LED Grow Lights

ARIANETECH is pleased to debut 5th  Generation EZYGRO®, another innovative series of commercial LED lighting solution for growers. Tailored to the agricultural and horticultural markets, this 5th  Generation EZYGRO LED Grow Light Bar distinguishes itself from its industry peers due to its use of spectrally optimized PPFD delivery, which has been proven to support increased plant growth, development and yield. EZYGRO® is suitable for both commercial growers and do-it-yourself horticulturalists. These commercial LED solutions are highly adaptable to both urban and agricultural environments.

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Significantly stimulate plant growth while drastically reducing energy consumption by Ultra-high PPE Output.

PPE Up to 3.2 µmol/J ---Saving Up to 70% Energy compared to 4th Generation LED Grow Light

With higher light output and consuming 30% lesser power than our 4th Generation Lighting, Growers can expect to save anywhere from 35 to 50 percent on combined energy costs by using a 3.2  PPE light compared to a 2.2 PPE light. 

EZYGRO®’s performance-engineered, broad dynamic color spectrum can significantly stimulate plant growth while drastically reducing energy consumption by utilizing specific lighting wavelengths from UVA to Far-red. These LED products have a rated life of 50,000 hours (L70), far longer than conventional HPS or other HID lamps, and are more energy efficient, using only 12~15W, compared to the 20~25W used by normal LED grow lights. EZYGRO®’s unique design delivers optimal photosynthetically active radiation and fixture efficiency at Up to 3.2 µmol/J. The products can be cycled to maximize healthy plant growth and employ passive cooling, making them completely silent. They are IP65 rated for safe operation in wet and damp environments.

ezygro 5 generation LED grow light

Independently controllable Color Spectrum-Create your own Optimized Spectrum Recipe by Smart Agro Control System

 Compatible with Smart Agro Control System, you can control Light spectrum , intensity and duration freely. With the greater flexibility and accuracy, growers will be able to conduct studies on lighting effects on plants, combining both optics and plant biology to create the optimized recipe for plant growth. 

  In the early stage of plant growth ( seedling stage), focus will be on the development of the root system. This means that the needs for optimum light quantum, especially blue light, are essential for good root zone development. We can also improve light intensity for the young plant by reducing the distance of the LED lamp to the plant, considering the plant's height which will be relatively short at this stage. In order to achieve the optimal light distribution, we can use more blue light combined with composite full spectrum light that effectively promotes root development and make full preparations for later growth;

 In later stage of plant growth, red and blue light are needed for photosynthesis, which promote the formation of a strong plant canopy. At certain period, far-red wavelength can be added to enhance foliage growth. Arianetech have also developed color enhancement light recipe for use prior to harvest, which effectively induces and promote the formation of red pigment that help to obtain healthier, brighter, and higher yield of red color crops varieties. Special wavelengths such as near-UV and blue light combination can also effectively reduce the nitrate content of plant and increases antioxidant content as well.



With its great flexibility and accuracy, our Smart Agro Dynamic Lighting System can better facilitate researcher and urban farmer to conduct studies on lighting’s effects on plant, making it more convenient to combine both optics and plant biology to create the optimized recipe for plant growth.



Dynamic Dimming- Create and change spectrum freely:

                                        red blue


An example of Dynamic Dimming Spectrum of Independent Red-Blue-White


Light recipes can affect nutrient content. Crops need different spectrum at different growth stages.
Ezygro 5th generation light enables you to adjust the Spectrum Curve any time, witness the the changes of plants in a short time by yourself !

UVA&Far-red: Specialized Spectrum to offer special care to corps: promote the production of secondary metabolites and accelerate growth. The use of special spectrum at the right time will bring better results to crops, higher yield and quality.

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EZYGRO® solutions are available from indoor vertical farming to supplementary lighting in greenhouses, in a fixture or as highbay lights. For more information, ARIANETECH invites you to visit our Shop Page for a more detailed explanation of the product at EZYGRO CATEGORY.


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