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Wrapping Up 2021 at Arianetech Pte Ltd

Wrapping Up 2021 at Arianetech Pte Ltd

As 2021 draws to a close, we at Arianetech Pte Ltd would like to thank all our customers and suppliers for supporting us through another challenging year. Even as the COVID-19 pandemic shows little signs of abating, we continue to soldier on despite numerous challenges such as supply chain disruptions and rising costs. It has been no less an eventful year as we achieved new milestones after another.

This year, we have built another large-scale commercial farm which will be completed and begin operation by the end of year. The farm uses our latest 5th Gen EZYGRO LED grow lights and our Hybrid Tank Carrier cultivation system, and utilises our SMART AGRO control systems. Apart from local projects, we have also worked with our Japanese client to establish a smart farm in Miyagi prefecture, Japan. Using wireless control technology, the operators are able to control the farm’s grow lights using our SMART AGRO Android application, allowing ease of monitoring and control of environmental parameters.

While we are known for our strengths in indoor farming, we have also been actively expanding our capabilities in outdoor farming solutions. We are pleased to be awarded a project at Republic Polytechnic’s new glass greenhouse, where we supplied outdoor farming equipment such as rolling benches and Dutch buckets. We also worked with schools to provide them with urban farming systems for educational purposes, helping to raise awareness in fulfilling our nation’s “30 by 30” goal.

As we enter into 2022, we aim to take a step closer to becoming the best solutions provider in Singapore. We will continue to focus on providing solutions that have low operating costs that will maximise our customers’ sustainability. We will also look towards providing more outdoor farming solutions, particularly in areas such as greenhouse and rooftop farming. Lastly, we are also working on a couple of overseas projects, and we hope to steadily expand our overseas presence over the coming years.

Once again, we would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to all our customers and suppliers. We wish everybody a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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