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Singrow Strawberries Indoor Cultivation City Farm Systems

Singrow Strawberries Indoor Cultivation City Farm Systems

Arianetech was honoured to design & supply a large-scale strawberry indoor vertical farming  system with 12 Tiers Racking of 6M *0.5M*6.5M, It includes design &installation of cultivation rack, LED lighting, Irrigation system, ventilation fan system & nutrient supply system. ARIANETECH’s Integrated Smart Control System was also adopted to create the best controlled environment for strawberries. 

SmartAgro Dynamic Lighting System is able to adjust the wavelength/color spectrum and intensity, duration of light to meet the growth needs of corps during different stages of growth cycle.

Collaborating with Singrow’s latest hybrid technology of strawberries, ARIANETECH is on the way to realize agriculture 4.0.

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