Japanese High Quality Seedling

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Japanese High Quality Seedling

Personal Grower/End User


Green Lettuce Matured Seedling (ready to transplant to Hydroponic Grower )

  • $1.60

ARIANETECH offers greens varieties matured seedlings. All of our greens are ready to transplant and can be grown to full size in Hydroponic Grower, and some can be harvested at the baby-leaf stage for inclusion in salad mixes, adding exquisite flavor, color, and texture. Create your own custom mixes with our seedlings ! 

Seedling types available*: 

Lettuce varieties ( Red Lettuce: Black Rose, Green Lettuce: Green Span )

Japanese Mizuna,  Japanese Komatsuna, Kale,  Basil, Ice plant... 

Contact us to for other varieties not listed above.

*Note: Pre-order two weeks advance. 


This product has a minimum quantity of 10

         Arianetech green lettuce matured seedling 1               Arianetech green lettuce matured seedling 2


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