Energy Saving

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Energy Saving

Learn about our Energy Saving Sharing Plan !


Energy Saving Sharing Plan is our Zero Upfront Replacement & 4 Years Maintenance Scheme that helps to change all fluorescent lamps into LED at 0 capital cost,

We share the savings after conversion according to actual electric bill, also we cover maintenance within contract period.

If you're still using fluorescent lamps and your lights operate at least 12 hours per day with total lighting bills exceeding SS3,000/ month, and you would like to upgrade your lighting to LED to be more environmental friendly, then please contact us for a FREE assess-ment to see how you can adopt our 'Zero Cost Energy Savings Plan'. 

With our plan, you do not need to pay for the new lamp and we will take care of the installation and the mainte-nance as well. And the best part, you will see instant reduction on your lighting bills. 

Contact us today to do your part for the environment and shrink your electrical bills ! 

Energy Saving

Our Scheme Benefits :


1,Get to save at least 50% of your electricalconsumption By installing A-LITE HIGH EFFICIENCY LED lights to replace fluorescent lights

2, 0 upfront cost- Pay from what you saved-We share the value of savings from your reduced electricity consumption after conversion

3, 4 or 5 Years of maintenance including labor & equipment


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Energy Saving

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